A Shift in My Life…

Hello all.

It has been a bit too long since I’ve said anything on this site, and for that, I am DEEPLY sorry! As an Assistant English teacher in Japan at a so-called ‘prestigious’ high school, this has been a very challenging year for me. I backed away from my writing, which means so much to me, to give my co-workers and students every ounce I could spare them. And I cannot say it has been the work itself that has challenged me… rather, the projects I took on to channel the creative energy that I was no longer pouring into my books.

With that being said, this is my final month as a teacher as I have gone ahead and put in my three-month notice of my resignation (yes… you’re supposed to give it that many months advance for my company. *Rolls eyes*) And though I knew from about March 2017 that this would be my final year teaching, I didn’t really own the fact in my heart until about November. And now it’s a new year, and the last month–just like that!

Anyway, I am moving back to the states in May later this year, so I am a bit stressed about all the changes ahead, but I am also eager to start this new chapter in my life. Japan has been so good to me, but I’m afraid that life has become a mix of staleness and predictability that I can no longer stomach without a grimace or twitch under my right eye. My heart aches for creativity and my mind yearns for more challenges that would force me to grow as an artist… y’know, while actually doing what I love to do instead of doing a job that I’m good at but not necessarily passionate about.

I hope to be more and more consistent about updating this page as the year progresses. As I release the reigns of assistant and teacher, I will pick up my pencil and draw near to my laptop keys again very soon.

Stay tuned! And thanks for reading!


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