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So I want to take up more reading in the months ahead! I can’t say I’m a very fast reader (let’s be honest… I spend a lot of time writing too!), but I do enjoy a good read here and there. Please take  a look at the reviews I’ve done so far! And feel free to read the books for yourself if they sound interesting to you!

Title: Lost Love Found

Author: A. McCarty

When I read it: November 2016

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My Review on Amazon: 3 stars

Short stories are a bit difficult for me to get into since the premise is, immediately, that the story is short. However, I like the concept of switching between two points of view to the extent that we don’t get too tied up in what one character is thinking and doing. With that being said, the execution of that concept could be a bit stronger in this work. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, and the author is too… but Saige’s side felt a bit more fleshed out than Cameron’s. Her sections, overall, are longer and her feelings are bit more believeable for me as a reader. If the whole story had only been through her eyes, then I think a stronger connection could have been established with the overall plot, which is sort of laid out at the end of the story’s synopsis: “When these two meet anything is possible.”

*Spoiler Alert from here* The idea of Cameron’s wife just so happening to plan a trip for him at this time particular time, that she died a week ago and couldn’t go with him, that he didn’t take time to grieve just to honor his dead wife’s wishes just feels… so odd to me. It seemed just a bit too convenient for the sake of the plot. Maybe that was the author’s wish, to make readers feel like it’s way TOO SOON to be falling in love again for him. Saige’s husband has been gone a few months, so there’s some excusability there. But if the author wanted that sort of feeling to build up in her readers, then she was successful.

Let me round out my thoughts here. I think the story has a solid beginning for both characters and an alright middle for some character development. The ending, however, felt a bit rushed since by the epilogue, two years have conveniently flew by. Again, it’s a short story, so all the things they had to go through as a new couple, all the questions they would’ve asked themselves about their decisions together are left to our imaginations. In the end, the story is told concisely and solidly. That’s really all a reader can ask for.