The Cast

Volume One

(in the order they are introduced)

Amelia Moore

Age: 11

Description: confused, curious, and lonely

Jackson Monroe Pemberly IV

Age: 67

Description: curt, pedantic, and secretive

Jackson Monroe Pemberly V

Age: 18

Description: charming, pensive, and arrogant

Elizabeth Pemberly

Age: 43

Description: composed, elegant, and careful 

Ms. Struthers

Age: early 30s

Description: merciful

Ms. Kaplan

Age: mid 20s

Description: strict

Ms. Norman

Age: over 50

Description: dutiful

Mr. Gates

Age: over 50

Description: hidden

Chelsea Pemberly

Age: 16

Description: selfish and impudent

The Ukuyan Girls:

Akino,  Amaka, Emila, Hachi,

Jimu, Keshee, Kosha,

Masula, Moni, Sofi, Sonya,

Tamachee, and Yekima

Ages: between 12 and 15

Description: unified and indivisible

Rosamond Sterling

Age: 11

Description: naive, sensitive, and artless

James Grabis

Age: over 50

Description: thoughtful and observant

Claudia Stanford

Age: 17

Description: gullible and caring

Mariah Pemberly

Age: 20

Description: poised and quiet

Gregory Charleston

Age: 31

Description: haughty and confident

Volume Two

(in the order they are introduced)

Jong Gardener

Age: mid 30s

Description: gregarious, giving, and discerning


Age: Unknown

Description: confident and alluring

Supano and Wehsu

Age: around 30 and around 50

Description: Hardworking

Rutherford Copeland

Age: 50s

Description: jolly and civilized

Johnathan Copeland

Age: 20s

Description: well-mannered and attentive

Volume Three

No new characters.

Volume Four

Roberta Newton

Volume Five

The Trafor Family





The Matthews Family