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Each synopsis of each volume has a quote from a character, be them main or minor, and then a vague description of the contents of the book. You will NOT find spoilers here.

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Rosamond: Traces of Ink

“I must… learn to be proper. To be good.”1

Immersed in a new way of life and surrounded by strange faces, a journey far from home begins for a girl who must make amends for her…behavior. Too naïve to fully grasp her exit, she is away to a place where the comforts of the society which she once knew—comforts that she took for granted—are entirely stripped away. Before her lies just one path, and those she has left behind are left with memories of a girl who no longer exists. Somehow, she is gone without a trace, without any sign of where she could be, and without any sign of returning.

Can such a disappearance be put to rights?  Perhaps it was all just some sort of… misunderstanding.

Rosamond: Diversions

“You… are crazy. But he… he is the fool.” 2

Locked in a struggle against who she was and where her life is headed, the girl with silver eyes strains herself to hold on to hope, patience her only true friend as letters from the home she once knew are yet to arrive. And a friend she once knew finds that he must, too, be away, money filling his pockets and paving the way towards a foreign land full of delights. But something too precious to forget follows them both so closely, comforting them yet leaving wounds on their hearts that the natural eye cannot see.

Is true escape really possible? Perhaps there is just too much to remember to make a clean break away…

Rosamond: Of One Accord

“I advise against your worrying about what I will do. 3 It is wasted on me.”

With a twist of fate beyond her control, the silver eyed girl, shrouded in a new layer of pain and mystery closes herself up from the past; she stands as tall as she can, her face oriented towards an unavoidable future of servitude and obedience. Meanwhile, an odd pair are forced to come together in a last-ditch effort to find truths that neither can make any sense of on their own. Indeed, compassion can be found in the oddest places, even if it has its limitations.

Can the answers to buried questions finally be discovered? Perhaps they can; perhaps they can’t. But… is there enough time?

Rosamond: High Price

“I am punished… for my wayward ways… for all the                                                                              wrongs I’ve 4committed.”

Every sunrise brings with it the possibility of some unforeseen event… or some painful disappointment. The girl can see so clearly with her silver eyes, the world and its harsh light so blinding to her… and yet she must carry on, if even in silence. And in a place that is long lost to her, the walls are closing in. The master feels the burdens of his life so keenly… and silence will not do. It would seem that regrets cannot hide from the sunlight, no matter what station one has in life. But every sun must set at its proper hour. Every day must come to its end, no matter how long it seems.

Despite all opposition, does relief await just over the horizon? Perhaps it does… but the cost of reaching for it is, indeed, different for everyone.

Times are about to get rough! Continue the journey!


Rosamond: High Price

“I promise I won’t abandon you. No matter what happens.”5

Indeed, the tides of life change. The girl with silver eyes, with a new family in tow, is wrapped up in the search for constant income. Gone is the girl who relied on the mercies of others. Focused on the future, there is only one mission to achieve: to plant roots and become a dependable provider. Meanwhile, all things frivolous and sinful can be made priority for those with the means to play. As unfair as it is, when money is in abundance, there is little to worry for when it comes to security. As for peace of mind, that is a whole other matter entirely.

How long shall it be until anticipations for the future come into fruition in the present? Perhaps… life is truly too capricious to say when…