Volume Summaries

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This is where you can read the bare-bones versions of the Rosamond Series, volume by volume. Each one is summarized in 300 words or less, for anyone who just needs some sort of clarification about the developing plot of the book.



From here, Spoiler Alert is in effect!




Volume 1 — Traces of Ink

(286 words)

Amelia Moore arrives at the doorstep of Levitz Institute for Ukuyan Girls on a rainy night after days of traveling. She begins a new life under the guidance of the Levitz Headmaster, two other instructors, and a quiet groundskeeper. Made to live with thirteen beautiful yet strange girls, she is always somehow divided from them due to her incapability to effectively communicate with them, adding to the overwhelming loneliness Amelia harbors deep inside. With no one to call her friend, the quiet and lonely girl is left with memories of the family she left behind, the Pemberlys; in particular, the son, Jackson, is the one who fills her thoughts the most. So she sends letter upon letter in hopes of fulfilling their long-time promise to one another… for she misses him desperately.

Meanwhile, for reasons connected to—yet not wholly in line with—Amelia’s distress, Parrington is rattled by some troubling news. Rosamond Sterling, the ward left under Mr. Pemberly’s care by her deceased father, has gone missing with no trace besides a written note she left behind. Mr. Pemberly and his son, Jackson, feel Rosamond’s absence keenly. After months of searching, there is no confirmation of her whereabouts or even if she is still alive. The family, the Pemberly women more so than the Pemberly men, press forward with life as best as they can. Business keeps the father reasonably preoccupied while Jackson attempts to enjoy the company of his rumored attachment, Ms. Stanford. But, in the end, Jackson ends the courtship and prepares to set sail on his first business venture. With no word from his disappeared friend, nothing keeps him grounded at Parrington. Indeed, a journey out west will give him some ease.


Volume 2 — Diversions

(287 words)

Jackson arrives at his destination safely, and, in no time at all, he makes the acquaintance of Jong Gardner, the man who requested the Pemberly’s assistance. With hopes of opening a shelter for the less fortunate in his city, Jong appeals to Jackson in ways that few men can, for he is kind, understanding, and sincere. But that is hardly enough for the young man who has appetites that cannot be satiated by such good, saintly qualities. His recklessness leads to a sultry affair, the young man hoping to find happiness in the arms of his beautiful lover.  However, the choice to take her with him or leave her behind is one he must face, for his mother writes to him with news of a sudden illness his father is suffering from. She beckons him to come home as soon as possible.

As for Amelia, an attempt at reclaiming her true name fails completely, leaving her broken and defeated. She continues at Levitz Institute, the number of girls having dwindled since her arrival over a year ago; though they are still somewhat distant, the girls are more tolerant of Amelia’s oddities as time goes on, sharing their culture and language with her when they see to the trouble of it. Unfortunately, Levitz suffers due to low enrollment and lack of money, which means less food and colder nights of the oncoming winter. With perfect timing, two patrons, the Copelands, step in to help Levitz’ and its inhabitants. But it matters so little to Amelia. She finally hears from Parrington, but in the end, somewhere between the weather and the news she receives from her old home, she loses sleep, her appetite… and, naturally, falls very, very ill.


VOLUME 3 — Rosamond: Of One Accord
(294 words)
Amelia endures a few feverish nights at Cumberland Park, a nearby estate that belongs to the patrons of Levitz Institute, the Copelands. Abandoned and broken, Amelia recovers in body, but at all not in spirit. She now has no hope of ever returning to Parrington to reunite with those she misses so dearly. With nowhere to go, the Copelands allow her to work in their kitchen in exchange for the funding she needs to continue her schooling for one more year. Thankful to them in every way possible, she works diligently… and, unintentionally, she manages to fascinate and perplex the Copeland son, Johnathan. He pays her attentions and shows her favor that he seems to show no one else. She can hardly grasp why…. but he will make her to grasp it soon enough.
While Amelia sorts out her changing circumstances, the Pemberly men make a journey through Sessori in a last ditch effort to find the family ward. Mr. Pemberly and his son travel to very specific cities and towns with only one objective in their minds: visiting every, single Institute for Ukuyan girls in the land. Despite personality differences, they must endure each other’s company; but, in some odd way, they are forced to bond, too. Part way through the trip, they take a rest in Uku where Jackson sees a side of his father he’s never seen before; unfortunately, he just might never see it again. Mr. Pemberly’s health takes a turn for the worst once they return to Sessori for the final visits on their list. In a race against time and with a mind determined to see their plans through to the end, Jackson completes the trek all by himself… only to be met with disappointment beyond any description.
VOLUME 4 — Rosamond: High Price
(299 words)
Mr. Pemberly’s health slips from his fingers, and every passing day is filled with unaddressed regrets and haunting memories that do no good for his deteriorating condition. When he can muster enough energy, he spends his time writing, sleeping, or crying about his losses. With his family gathered at Parrington, he at least has the chance at a proper send-off. Death comes for him soon enough and he passes away in front of his wife, his most loyal manservant, and Jackson, his only heir. In the blink of an eye, everything entitled to Jackson by birth becomes fully his and he immediately tries to set himself apart  by making efforts his father didn’t bother with. His every choice, whether business or personal, has its impact; and one fateful meeting with a client and pretty his daughter leads him to make an investment that reaps a reward he couldn’t have foreseen himself.
None the wiser to the happenings of home, Amelia is bogged down  by the events of life between Cumberland Park and Levitz Institute. In the wake of Johnathan Copeland’s confessions, she has completely rejected his adoration and desperately wishes to leave Cumberland as soon as possible. But where one love has failed, another has flourished between  Mr. Copeland and Levitz’s headmaster, Ms. Struthers, and they quickly marry. Before Amelia can make peace with the idea of staying at Cumberland for their sakes, she is blind-sided by the reveal of a connection between two parties she could have never, ever expected to form an attachment. After an informal promise to secrecy, Amelia makes herself to endure everything that comes along with keeping her mouth shut… and yet, somehow, gains a sister when it is all said and done with. They ultimately leave Cumberland Park together, determined to start anew.

Volume 5 — High Price